Depraved’s interview on SoO

We were recently asked to give an interview on the latest raid progression on the Spanish fansite over at The interviewees are our resident Balance/Resto Druid Alzu and myself, the DK, Vereesà. For more on the interview, click the image below! (for those of you not so well-versed in Spanish, there’s an English version if you scroll down)


T14: Complete!

After nearly three grueling months since the release of Mists of Pandaria we finally managed to wrap up tier 14 for good! We were met with great success in Mogu’shan Vaults mainly due to a (a very rare occurrence I might say) Friday raid we were able to put together and down heroic Gara’jal on, consequently landing us a world rank #22 Will of the Emperor kill.

Well, HoF rolled around a bit later and after decimating the normal modes we were faced with a world class boss: Imperial Vizier Zor’lok. He was, in fact, so hard that no guild was able to defeat the encounter prior to adjustments being made to ease it heavily. We nearly missed out on heroics on the first week of HoF entirely due to Zor’lok cockblocking us, but upon killing Zor’lok quite late on the Tuesday preceding the weekly reset, we managed to pull off three last-minute heroic kills. The rest of HoF was mostly a cakewalk with the exception of Shek’zeer due to whom we actually had our Paladin healer quit (not actually) in the midst of progress, leaving us a healer short on an already demanding FOUR healer encounter.

Terrace of Endless Spring didn’t start too well for us due to some conflicting views between some of our raid members about raiding in general and a few people that weren’t able to make it to the raid on key raid days. That aside, we made it to Sha fairly painlessly the following week but were once again greeted with yet another departure; our Paladin tank, who promptly declared during an upcoming night of Sha progression that he was quitting. Luckily (extremely so) for us we had just prior recruited an ex-member of DREAM Paragon who was willing to help us out as a replacement. 10 days after that, Sha fell and we lived happily ever after. The end.

Below I’d like to thank the following people who made T14 possible either by participating or otherwise helping:

Utiz (<<<<--- Néverknow had internet issues on the night of our Sha kill so he let Néverknow play on his computer, getting us the kill!!! Thanks brah)

Sha killshot